Greg Swenson, Ph.D.

The terms, “Christian counseling” and “Christian psychologist” have become common, but are usually not defined and can be misleading.  They suggest that there is a specific approach to counseling that is uniquely Christian in nature.  In reality, psychologists who integrate their faith and beliefs with their work, may assume many different approaches to facilitating change in a person’s life.  Counseling is not primarily a theological discussion, but our understanding of God, and the manner in which we relate to God, have significant implications for how we live our lives.  

A psychologist’s perspective becomes important in counseling because all counselors operate from some frame of reference regarding what they believe about how people function and what kind of changes are desirable.  Inevitably, beliefs, values, and priorities become important in the counseling process.  These are some of my central beliefs that guide me in understanding and helping people:

  • We are created by God.  Each person has unique value and a purposeful life.
  • We are imperfect, and have significant faults.  This creates problems for us as individuals, and in our relationships with others, including our spouses.  We often operate on false assumptions about ourselves, others, and life, which we consciously or unconsciously accept as true.
  • God has revealed himself through Jesus, the Christ, and through the truth contained in the Bible.  These are sources that provide understanding and direction in my work with people.
  • God desires a mutual relationship with individuals, that can be a source of healing, direction, and courage in facing the challenges in life.
  • My goal in therapy is to help people understand themselves more accurately, and make changes in how they process their emotions, thoughts, and relationships, that are consistent with God’s purposes for them.

You may access several articles on this website that explain in more detail my thoughts about the integration of Christian faith with my work, in the areas of personal change, marriage, depression, and anxiety.





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